Sansom 66

lKevin from Spinistry is at it again with the infamous Sansom 66. The Sansom 66 is an endurance race with a 33 mile and 66 mile option. As Kevin said, “many people will attempt it, but few will complete it.” Sansom is not your “typical” DFW trail. There is approximately 1500+ feet of elevation per each 11 mile lap. The terrain is tough with tons of loose rocks, an abundance of climbs, fast descents, and maybe one straightaway to recover. This trail can be very fun, but also very challenging, and guess what? The racers did every bit of it!

A few of our teammates signed up for this torture, ahem, race. Braden Barnett, Daniel Smith, and Evan McGinley registered for the 33 mile option, which is pure insanity in itself. Yavor Gerenski and Brad Wendling did the unthinkable and signed up for the 66 miler. The race morning started out as any other except it was a bit chilly and drizzly. Kevin gathered the racers for the usual racers’ meeting and then the riders anxiously took their spot on the starting line. Within a few minutes the racers were off! Brittany, Melissa, Jonathan, and Emma were on standby for support. The ladies immediately took off on foot to find a good spot to take pictures of our teammates and offer them a cheer or two. We won’t mention how they didn’t actually ever find the racers… That’s beside the point. They were still great to have onsite as they were ready with nutrition and water as BWR came through on each lap.

Yavor and Evan were the first to come through on the first lap. Not far behind them was Brad, then Braden, and then Dan. All of them were looking very strong as they immediately jumped into their second lap. As everyone came through for the second time, you could see a mixture of emotions on their faces. However, they were all determined to show Sansom who was boss. One lap later our 33 milers crossed the finish line. Evan killed it with a time of 3:14:46. Braden came in next with a time of 3:52:20. Dan also finished with a very solid time of 3:57:11. Any person who has ever attempted to ride Sansom knows that 33 miles of that place is absolutely nuts and a HUGE accomplishment. Way to go, guys! You totally rocked it!

As time passed, the BWR pit crew (Brittany, Melissa, Dan, and Braden) continued to wait, help, and cheer on Brad and Yavor. Brad even got a leg massage in between laps. Talk about service! Both continued to look strong as they pushed on. After the fourth lap, Brad decided to throw in the towel due to some wicked leg cramps. We still felt so proud of him! Did I mention that he did all of that on a single speed?! Four laps out there on a single speed earns him bragging rights for a very, very long time.

We still had Yavor out on the course and we could not even believe he still had enough gas in the tank to keep going. Braden, Dan, and Brittany waited anxiously for Yavor to complete his final lap. As soon as they spotted him towards the end of the course, they ran over to him and began yelling and cheering for him. You could see the excitement on his face (I know, hard to believe). HE DID IT! He finished the grueling Sansom 66 with a time of 6:42:28. As he crossed the finish line, Kevin handed him his payout and everyone congratulated him.

After the day came to an end, Yavor posted this on his Facebook:

“It was a great experience today, definitely a tough race! Just wanted to thank the team for supporting me during those painful miles. Braden, Dan, and Brittany did a really good job helping with my nutrition and keeping my bike in good mechanical condition…. but what I’m most thankful for is the way they cheered me up every single time I crossed the start/finish line. Having such a supportive team definitely makes a difference. Thank you guys!”

Way to represent, BWR! Y’all did an amazing job! n

Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Solo Half (33 Miles)

  • Evan McGinley, 3:14:46, 4th out of 21
  • Braden Barnett, 3:52:20, 11th out of 21
  • Daniel Smith, 3:57:11, 15th out of 21

Solo Elite SS (66 Miles)

  • Brad Wendling, DNF

Solo Elite (66 Miles)

  • Yavor Gerenski, 6:42:28, 4th out of 7

Smurf Boy Summer Endurance Series

From delicious grilled cheeses to great comradery to some awesome trails, the Smurf Bo10492070_791885180842596_3787598022228802670_ny Summer Endurance Series was a blast. Smurf Boy is a 4 hour endurance series. The goal is to see how many laps you can complete in the allotted time. Smurf Boy took place at Rowlett Creek Preserve, Johnson Branch, River Legacy, and Cedar Hill State Park.

10458439_821366367894477_4425186254558270487_nMany of our members committed to each race in the series and made the podium for overall standings. Dan Smith and Braden Barnett made an exciting finish to take 2nd overall in the team category. Dan Smith states, “We will be coming for first place next year.” Other members who made the podium for the overall series include Melissa Dalton, Dana Cobb, Jonathan Braddick, and Marcus Gillespie.





Here are the full team results and photos from the Smurf Boy Summer Endurance Series:

Female 40 and Over

  • Melissa Dalton, 2nd
  • Dana Cobb, 3rd

Male 39 and Under

  • Randy Davis, 4th

Male SS

  • Logan Davis, 4th

Team Open

  • Braden Barnett and Daniel Smith, 2nd
  • Jonathan Braddick and Marcus Gillespie, 3rd


ns13Bearded Women Racing continued its successes in the DORBA Fall Series on September 21st at the Northshore Trail on Lake Grapevine.  Our members spent many hours at Northshore leading up to the race to pre-ride the course, which was definitely evident when it came to the awards!  The trail consists of several miles of challenging terrain guaranteed to challenge any rider.

I think it is safe to say that Bearded Women Racing was well represented on the podium. Phil Hollings won 1st place in Cat 2. Brandon Schrader took home a well-derved 2nd place in Cat 2 (Single Speed). Mike D’Aurelio placed 2nd in Cat 1. Melissa Dalton, Brittany Smith, and Keith McDonald all made the podium in their age groups for Cat 3. Our members are continuing to train hard and are looking forward to the next race, Biketoberfest at Rowlett Creek Preserve!ns12



Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 2nd, Men 60 +
  • Eric Swarvar (open), 5th, SS

Cat 2

  • Brandon Schrader, 2nd, SS
  • Phil Hollings, 1st, Men 60 +
  • Daniel Smith, 8th, Men 30 – 34

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 14th, Men 30 – 39
  • Brittany Smith, 2nd, Women 19 – 29
  • Melissa Dalton, 3rd, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 2nd, Men 40 – 49
  • Daniel Smith, 13th, Men 30 – 39
  • Chris Torrez, 29th, Men 30 – 39


DORBA Fall Series – Boulder Park

The first race of the DORBA Fall Series was huge success for the team.  Our members have been putting in a lot of time for training and it showed on one of the more difficult trails in the DFW area.  Boulder Park can be quite tricky with quick, steep ascents, and rocky, loose descents.  DORBA had 245 racers in attendance with the intent to conquer it’s southern trail, and many quickly found out you need a lot of cardio and some fearlessness in being able to make your way around the 8  mile course.

Keith McDonald, Racing member

Bearded Women Racing continues to improve and gain podium and top ten places in several of the Cat 3 categories, but also has racers in Cat 2 and Cat 1 showing they’re capable of obtaining high placing.  Racing member Keith McDonald and new Riding member Melissa Dalton took 1st respectively in their categories.  Mike D’Aurelio and James Henson also took 1st in their categories.  Other notable podium makers where Moreece Griffin, Brandon Schrader, and Jonathan Braddick.

Melissa Dalton, Riding Member








Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 1st, Men 60 +

Cat 2

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 3rd, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Nathan Delahoussaye, 9th, Men 30 – 39
  • Jonathan Braddick, 2nd, Clydesdale
  • Melissa Dalton, 1st, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 1st, Men 40 – 49

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24 Hours in the Canyon

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What an excellent venue for mountain bike racing. Let me be the very first to say that Palo Duro Canyon is one of the most spectacular destinations in all of Texas and easily as scenic as our best National Parks. So it goes without saying that the whole experience of doing a 24 hour mountain bike race in such a venue is impressively unique.

The weekend started off excellent, easy 5hr drive, beautiful weather, etc. etc.. We started setting up the pit area around 5pm on Friday and we were fortunate enough to be joined by Damon Williams from Cadence Cyclery (Highland Village) who had donated his time and skills to wrenching on peoples bikes for the race…. Not just Bearded Women or Cadence bikes, but everyone who needed mechanical support, Damon was there to help. This actually provided a lot of entertainment and comedic relief. It’s kinda funny to see some of the stuff that happens to peoples bikes before during and after a race. But it’s even funnier to hear them explain the problem or how to fix it to the mechanic. And we had a front row seat for the whole show.

The race went off without a hitch. We sent Brad out of the gate with one goal: Do the 1st lap as fast as possible, then we will start with the two lap rotations at a sustainable pace. The start line was two miles down the road in a separate campground from the pit area, so the rest of the team was just kinda hanging out waiting for Brad to come in and not really knowing what to expect from a timing standpoint. The initial lap had a lead out and lots of congestion so we were guessing lap times, 1hr, 55 minutes, 50 minutes… etc.. As you can imagine, we were pretty shocked when he rolled through with a 41:15 on the first lap! And then BAM! Eric goes out and puts down back-to-back 42 minute laps, almost identical. I think we knew right then and there 30 laps was going to be easily attainable. Jesse came in off his first set around 3pm and handed off to me and he was like “dude, it’s way hot”… and man was he right. I rode from about 3ish to 4:30ish and it was super hot and super dusty… I’m talking border line RCP backwards 2013 DORBA Fall Series hot and dusty. If you were there you know what I mean.

After the first full rotation we were locked in on auto pilot. We were watching the clock, making sure our teammates had water hand-ups when they came through, basically running like a well-oiled machine…. Unlike some of the bikes Damon was wrenching on in the meantime.

Nightfall came and once again we were in a position where we didn’t really know what to expect from a timing standpoint. Jesse came in with his lights on, but I started the first full dark lap so when I came through in 46 minutes on the 1st lap I was in disbelief. I thought for sure nightfall would have us well into the 50 minute range. But we were flying and we were more than halfway to our goal.

For me… this is where shit got real. 3am, I had been asleep for about an hour and half, Eric wakes me up and says “Jesse just did a 45 minute lap! You need to get up and get ready”. OK. So I put on some clean bibs and my sweaty jersey and I start trying to wake up and get excited to go ride in the desert all alone in the middle of the night for about 2 hours. Sounds awesome right? I hope you reading this realize that so far I have been screwed on this riding schedule. 1st set in the absolute hottest part of the day, 2nd set as soon as it gets dark, and now the 3rd set in the most lonely, most sleepy, most quiet, most eerie, most you name it part of the night. I think I fell asleep on the 1st lap of this set because I looked up and I was already ¾ finished… I thought, man this aint too bad… but then for some reason I woke up and the 2nd lap lasted an eternity. I was literally talking to myself, “once you finish you can go to sleep, keep pedaling and you can go to sleep, don’t walk this section, you can finish faster and go to sleep”. Then I started thinking to myself “shit, you were supposed to wake up Brad when you finished your first lap. You forgot to do that!…. What if he isn’t ready to go?. WHAT IF I HAVE TO DO A 3RD LAP!!!!????” Anyways, I roll up and that dude is awake and ready to go… High five, hell yeah, I’m going to sleep.

Well while I was asleep the good times kept rolling, except for Eric who flipped over the handlebars and for Damon who had to fix Eric’s bike in the dark at 5am (more on that in a minute). Lap times remained well under 50 minutes for the most part and by the time I woke up at 730 all we had to do was crank out three more laps and we were at 30. Jesse was on his final lap, I put in number 29 and Brad closed it out. We could have done 31, but we decided to save some for next year 😉

All in all we had 1 mechanical and no serious injuries. Eric’s rear brake pad separated from the metal backing and he had to finish GSL (the most technical section) with only a front brake… That’s how he ended up going over the bars.

This was a great experience and the team of guys couldn’t have been better. Nothing beats getting a 1st place trophy on your very first 24hr mountain bike race! Looking forward to next year!

-Dan Johnson

The Red River Riot

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The Red River Riot.

As told by Eric “Lacy” Swarvar, Racing Member, SS

After doing a few Spinistry Gravel rides I thought I knew what to expect. Kevin runs a professionally organized promotion like no other. An entry fee of $30 got me an option of 3 distances of 40,72, or 123 miles, I wisely choose the middle for my cross bike and I. Fellow Beards Mike and Greg were also at the race and after exchanging greetings at Muenster High School, we quickly realized the event was off to a start. We started to the back, which is never my favorite place to start. I began to push to get to the front of the group but only made it to the 2nd peloton. The group was led out by Kevin in his vehicle to begin the day. The pace picked up quickly and I settled in to a 17+mph average. At mile 4 a rider went down in a gravel turn. I did not stop to offer assistance as my level of medical training is not good and he already had 4 fellow riders helping. I rode a little cautious for the next few miles until the scenery drew my attention away from my thoughts on the wreck. From mile 8 to 25 I rode with a few individuals I know, but not working a pace line, we were turning the cranks and chewing the cud. At mile 25 a pace line formed and the speed picked back up. There were about 20 riders pushing through and at mile 30 my loins were releaved to feel pavement. I cranked the speed up for a fast mile hitting a 30.8 MPH average just to have a little fun with the guys on the MTB. It was my impression that the first loop was a 35 mile loop before coming back to Muenster High to check in. I was wrong since it was a keen 40 miles. I averaged a nice 17.3 MPH average, far from the guys in the first group with a 19+ mph average.

Loop two will forever be known as the bastard loop to me. It had a lot more elevation changes then the first but the scenery was equally beautiful. For a while I rode with Chaos(for those of you that have meet him you know him). He was rolling a single speed fixed gravel bike and was smiling the entire time. Halfway into the second loop you could break left to the winery or right to stay on course, Chaos went off to the winery with a, “Yhea Man!” as I pushed to stay on course. Thats when trouble occurred at mile 56. The real climbing began. 400+ feet over 4 miles and the peak of the climb was 160 feet over .7 miles….quads cramped and admittedly I became a hiker instead of a biker for about .3 miles. Once the hill leveled I jumped back on the saddle and started to pedal. I took about a mile to settle back in and feel good. Finishing 72 miles in 4 hours 32 minutes with over 4,100+ feet of climbing on gravel felt good. I consumed 3 bottles of Scratch labs, 1 water bottle, and 4 Scratch rice cakes. Next time I will eat a little more on the ride, I believe thats where the cramping came from.

After most Spinistry events Kevin provides BBQ brisket, beans, salsa, to make your own tacos or sandwiches. He also took pictures out on the course, posted the results in less then 24 hours, and emailed each participant their individual results by Monday. This is an event I will keep on my calendar year after year, and highly encourage everyone to hit up a few of his events.

Results here:

Eric Swarvar, Medium Route, 26 of 90, 4:36:23

Mike D’Aurelio, Medium Route, 71 of 90, 5:39:43

Greg Campbell, Short Route, 20 of 80, 2:35:23

-Eric “Lacy” Swarvar

Spring time  XC racing in DFW has been a rarity in years past. From February to August the only racing we saw was the occasional TMBRA race in Big Cedar, which went as quickly as it came. Even so, there was a large void that could only be filled by a Spring XC series. This year however, Shawn McAfee (Texas Mountain Bike Trails) in collaboration with Kevin Lee (Spinistry) have put together a very exciting grass roots XC series that focuses on hometown racers that can’t, or don’t want to travel to TMBRA races.

The first race in this series was held at Northshore trail, one of the most popular trails in DFW. Brad Wendling, Moreece Griffin, Randy Davis, and myself all competed in this series opener.

Here are the results:

Brad Wendling(35+ Advanced Class): 26 of 37, 1:53:39  (Single Speed)

Moreece Griffin(35+ Sport Class): 6 of 30, 1:08:26

Randy Davis(35+ Sport Class): 9 of 30, 1:10:38

Jesse Bernal(Under 35 Advanced Class): 9 of 12, 1:56:55 (Single Speed)

The second race was held at Marion Sansom Park, easily one for the most demanding trails in North Texas. The course was short, 2 or 3 laps, 5 miles each, but deceptively difficult. That didn’t discourage team BWR. Especially racing member Daniel Johnson who earned a first place finish in advanced/intermediate under 35 class. Racing member Moreece Griffin also had a good day on the saddle with a 4th place finish in sport class. James Henson took 16 of 22 in 35+ sport class which was quite the feat in itself. I managed to squeeze out a 4 of 6 (2 racers DNS) place finish in 1+1=1 single speed class. I was just happy to finish.

Here are the results:

Daniel Johnson(Under 35 Advanced Class): 1 of 4, 1:43:41

Moreece Griffin(35+ Sport Class): 4 of 22, 1:16:11

James Henson(35+ Sport Class): 16 of 22, 2:11:01

Jesse Bernal(Under 35 Single Speed): 4 of 6, 1:59:13


The next race in the series will be held at Erwin Park. See y’all there!


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Jesse Bernal, Racing Member
written by Jesse Bernal, Racing Member #IRideBikesGood

If you’ve ever ridden or volunteered for a Spinistry event you already know that Kevin Lee (Spinistry’s founder) is notoriously guilty of putting on some of the most grueling cycling events south of the Red River. Texas Chainring Massacre, Red River Riot, Hell on Wheels 100, and Midnight Massacre are just a few of the races in his repertoire; but none come close to the insanity that is the Sansom 66. To the untrained eye, the Sansom 66 looks like any other 60ish mile endurance race, but to the frequenters of this trail this is 66 miles of pure agony. Marion Sansom Park is 11 miles of rocky, loose, technical, and fast descending single track located in Fort Worth, Texas. It is also infamously known for having near the edge, fall off a cliff, super fast, flowy trail. If you’ve never had the chance to ride here, I highly encourage you to make the trip, preferably with someone that knows the trail.

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Earlier this year three of our very own Bearded Women Racing members Randy Davis, Braden Barnett, and I took on the challenge of the Sansom 66. However, being only mere mortals, we only signed up for the 33 miles option, which proved to be more than enough. The day started with cool temperatures and brisk winds that seemed to cut through even the best of windbreakers. As riders dawned their layers of long sleeve shirts and thermals the anxiety started to compound as it does with most race days. A few minutes before the race began, Kevin Lee gathered the racers around for the traditional racer’s meeting in which they gave a moment of silence for the late, great Ray Porter, a Dallas racing legend. In honor of Ray, his #1 race plate was retired from Spinistry events… a genuinely respectable act by Kevin.

Soon the race began with a short start loop that shot the racers straight into the racecourse. The degree of difficulty was quickly realized when racers began to bottleneck on technical sections and climbs that weren’t cleaned by the less experienced riders. Thankfully the field of riders was small and the traffic diminished within a few minutes. At this time, Bearded Women Racing was pretty well spread out. Braden and his Ti Lynskey bike were making great time and were in the lead pack. Randy was also doing well on his scandium/carbon Salsa and was staying competitive in the middle pack. Meanwhile, I was trudging along in the back of the pack on my Niner carbon single speed because of a flat tire late in the first lap. I eventually recovered from this and fixed my puncture, but never really got back into the race because I had lost so much time.

3 laps later our racers slowly started crossing the finish line looking beaten, but elated at the same time. Braden absolutely crushed the race coming in with a time of 3:57:07 which earned him a place of 17/28. Randy also had a strong showing earning a 22/28 placing with a time of 4:28:29. I, despite the mechanical troubles I encountered with two flat tires, earned a 25/28 place with a time of 5:10:50; respectable time for a single speed. Perhaps I would have had better luck if I had registered in the single speed category.

See ya at IDB! JB

Here are the overall results from the Samson 66 in Ft Worth, TX:

The Dirty Dozen and Frozen OCNP

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The first time in our young team’s history we were able to field solid groups of racers for two coinciding endurance races on the same day in different parts of the state!  Mind you, we’ve been going to the Dirty Dozen Endurance Mountain Bike Race for years as individuals, but this time around it was even more meaningful to those that participated.  You see, it was our unofficial one year anniversary as a team.  It’s inception came from a late night of good times around a campfire, and the dream to start a club team we all hoped would draw people to racing for fun and competition.

Last year, we placed 4th overall in the 12 hr, 4 man open category, so we were looking to improve on our very first placing and payout.  This year we fielded 2 four man teams for the 12 hr race, and 1 two man team for the 6 hr race, all male.  We’ll get our first women racer soon!  The day was perfect, as the temperatures were comfortable, it was overcast, and there was an ever so slight, on and off rain fall throughout the day which made for a very compact and fast course!  The top group entered of Jesse Bernal, Brad Wendling, Nathan Delahoussaye, and Marcus Gillespie hung around the 2nd and 3rd place spot the entire day, and finished in 3rd place on the podium, the highest placing our team as ever done at this event!  A mechanical caused an issue on one lap, but each guy was putting in consistent lap times to keep them in contention.  The next 4 man group consisting of Jonathan Braddick, Moreece Griffin, Logan Davis, and James Henson were keeping pace.  Moreece and Logan were participating in their first 12 hour endurance race, and both exceeded their own expectations!  The 6 hr, 2 man group consisted of our first father and son racers, Michael and Austin Ham.  Both live in Brian/College Station, and were entering their first ever endurance race!

In the end all groups did an amazing job, but furthermore the weekend tightened and strengthened our resolve to field an even bigger group for next year’s race!

Here are the overall results from the Dirty Dozen Endurance race in Warda, TX:

Back up in the DFW area, another important race was happening in Oak Cliff at the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve.  DORBA’s Frozen Endurance series had endured two cancellations from mother nature in the form of winter and fire, leaving the series without a completed race.

The team fielded 6 racers, new Cat 1 racing member Mike D’ Aurelio and last year’s Best Endurance Race Placing winner Randy Davis in the 6 hr open, new Cat 3 racing member Corey Fawcett and new Cat 3 racing member Armando Zermeno in the 4 hr open, and Shane Walden and Wes Salas as a team in the 6 hr relay.

Overall, BWR had a total of 16 racers on a dirt single track, grinding away and putting all of their heart and legs into it this past weekend.  Congratulations gentlemen!

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Here are the overall results from the DORBA Frozen Series race at OCNP:

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