Eric Swarvar, Racing Member, SS

Racing Results


Ray Porter Memorial 6hr Solo Male, 6th place out of 50, 7 laps, 5:59:53
Frozen IDB 4hr Solo SS, 2nd place out of 7, 4 laps, 3:50:16
Red River Riot Medium Route, 26 of 90, 4:36:23


Birth Date April 25, 1978
Birth Place
Found under a rock
Home Town
List and describe your bicycles Salsa El Mar stock
Niner EMD XT everything.
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in
Cedar Hill 2013 cat 2 – 3 ss Win
Mellow Johnny’s raced 3 years running
Sansom 66 relay (better looking half) win.
River Legacy smurf boy SS 2nd place
Cedar Hill smurf boy ss 3rd
Big Cedar Chilly Willy 3rd.
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? My Dad purchasing a girls bike because I was so short and convincing me it was a boys bike….to all the neighborhood kids don’t forget I beat you when I was riding a girls bike.
Why do you ride a bicycle?
Why not?
What does Bearded Women mean to you?
Bearded Women means I have probably had a little to much to drink and am now seeing women with beards.Seriously I look forward to a lot of fun.

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