Brandon Schrader, Racing Member, SS

Racing Results


Solovaca Cat Claw Classic Cat 2 SS, 5th Place, 1:28:24
DORBA Prayer Mountain Pedal Cat 2 SS, 5th Place, 1:37:05
Smurf Boy Endurance Series
River Legacy
Team Open, 4th Place out of 8 teams, 6 laps, 4:39:08
DORBA Fall Series
LB Houston
Cat 2 SS, 4th Place out of 16, 1:13:16
Rowlett Creek Preserve Cat 2 SS, 3rd Place out of 14, 1:48:25


Birth Date June 1982
Birth Place
Saginaw, MI
Home Town Freeland, MI
List and describe your bicycles Mercier Kilo WT Fixed Gear that I use for commuting. It actually a pretty fun bike, I just needed something cheap since DART likes to beat my bikes up pretty good. Santa Cruz Highball SS Mtb which is my baby. Built it from the frame up so now I can’t complain the bike is holding me back.
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in I got 4th place in the LBH Dorba Fall Race #1 2013. This is the best I’ve done so far and it was a blast!!
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? I grew up riding atv’s and dirtbikes on a farm. When I was a teenager we moved into a subdivision which had a rad bmx pump trail through it. I used to have a blast launching off the jumps in the woods with all my friends from the neighborhood.
Why do you ride a bicycle? After riding dirtbikes I found mtb’s even more challenging. Not only does it take skill to handle the bike through tight single tracks you also have to be in great physical shape to keep the pedals turning.
What does Bearded Women mean to you? A great group of guys helping each other out, keeping everyone training hard and keeping the party going after the finish.

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