Jacob the Great!

He was a great friend, son, athlete, and teammate who joined our team last August after we spoke to him and his dad at the DORBA LB Houston race.  You could instantly tell what kind of guy he was, and that he would be a perfect fit for our new team.  We were over joyed to have someone as fast, and as young on the team, especially since Jacob had won the only two races he’d ever entered!  He was just that talented.  We saw him moving up to Cat 2 this year and probably Cat 1 in another year after that.  Jacob finished third overall in last year’s DORBA Fall Series for the Cat 3 19 -29.  He was also a fiercely competitive, but humble athlete.  He often trained with the very same guys who he beat or finished behind for a podium spot in order to be a better athlete.

Jacob passed away on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at the age of 20 years old.  This season is dedicated to our teammate Jacob, and we’ll be memorializing him on our new 2014 kits using his favorite race #116, sadly the same day he passed away.  We’ve printed memorial stickers for anyone to have to put on their bicycles and “Race for Jake”!  Stop by our tent at future races to pick one up.

Jacob grew up and lived in Grand Prairie, TX and had many friends.  He was a hard worker at the landscaping job he had building private golfing greens, in lavish backyards for clients.  He is survived by his parents Phil and Debbie Hollings, brother Matthew Hollings.

Read his obituary here


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