• Nathan, Marcus, Brad, Josh, and Jonathan

Several years back three friends who enjoyed racing mountain bikes stumbled across an idea late one night before a race after consuming a few beverages of choice. We needed a gimmick to stand out in the crowd of conformist cyclists because we never finished in the top ten to have our names mentioned during the awards presentation. Browsing through old cycling photos one day on the internet, suddenly it appeared right before our eyes; a bearded man wearing a dress standing beside his bicycle. We knew from that moment on we were to become Bearded Women Racing. Two of us have beards and one of us looks good in a dress, so it was fate and not just a coincidence. Our first race as Bearded Women solidified our destiny with the cycling world and we placed fourth in a 12-hour endurance mountain bike race. The rest they say is history yet to be defined but greatness shall be achieved and our legacy shall live on through our children and grandchildren. Long live Bearded Women!

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