Marcus Gillespie, Racing Member, SS


Marcus Gillespie, Racing Member, SS
Marcus Gillespie, Racing Member, SS


Racing Results


2/1/2014 Dirty Dozen
3rd out of 8th, 12 hr 4 man open
6/14/14 Smurf Boy – RCP 4th out of 5th, Team Open
6/28/14 Smurf Boy – Johnson Branch 3rd out of 6th, Team Open
7/12/14 Smurf Boy – River Legacy 7th out of 10th, Team Open
7/26/14 Smurf Boy – Cedar Hill 5th out of 8th, Team Open


5/04/13 Prayer Mountain Pedal
35th, Cat 3 30 -39
6/29/13 Smurf Boy – RCP 5th, Team Relay
7/13/13 Smurf Boy – RL 15th, Solo
7/27/13 Smurf Boy – CH 5th, Team Relay


2014 Smurf Boy Team Open, 3rd Overall


Birth Date January 26, 1981
Birth Place Irving
Home Town Grand Prairie
List and describe your bicycles 2010 soul cycles Dillinger rigid SS. XO brakes, truvativ noir carbon crankset, carbon fork. 21 lbs, 1982 schwinn letour steel lugged frame. Fixed gear 48/15 gear ratio. Hand built wheels with custom spoke pattern.
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in Only just recently started racing but each event has been a fun, learning experience. It has made me want to strive to be better and stronger and faster.
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? No one memory in particular. I just remember riding everywhere I went. I lived on my bike as a kid.
Why do you ride a bicycle? Because not riding bicycles sucks hard.
What does Bearded Women mean to you? It means……BEARDED WOMEN!!!!!!

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