Braden Barnett, Racing Member, SS

Braden Barnett, Racing Member, SS
Braden Barnett, Racing Member, SS

Racing Results


Sansom 66 17th place out of 28th, 3:57:07


DORBA Prayer Mountain Pedal Cat 3, 20 – 29, 15th Place, 0:57:29
Smurf Boy Endurance Series
River Legacy
Solo, 39th out of 40, 2 laps, DNF due to a mechanical
DORBA Fall Series
LB Houston
Cat 3 19 -29, 7th Place out of 25, 0:38:33
Rowlett Creek Preserve Cat 3 19 -29, 5th Place out of 21, 0:53:21
Cedar Hill Cat 3 19 -29, 1st Place out of 4


2013 DORBA Fall Series, Cat 3 19-29, 1st Place Overall, 143 pts
2013 BWR Team Most Improved Rider


Birth Date December 11 1984
Birth Place Fort Worth
Home Town Aledo
List and describe your bicycles Lynskey Ridgeline SL 29er and Trek Earl fixed gear
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in Just a few races under my belt. I’m working on more…. No podium spots yet!!
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? Tearing up my garage when I was a wee lad with my little BMXer in some fashionable pajamas.
Why do you ride a bicycle? I want to stay in excellent shape and there is no other escape I have found that compares…. Except for LSD, but that’s illegal and bad for you.
What does Bearded Women mean to you? A bunch of dudes who love to ride bikes and have fun.

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