Rudolph’s Revenge and a fire at North Shore!

The team’s 2014 season has been officially underway since December 2013, but through a few different race cancellations and postponements, we still hadn’t had a complete race with our participation until last Saturday, January 25th.

The Rudolph’s Revenge race was a 30 (or 40) mile race on the toughest singletrack in North Texas combined with super fast fire road. The 30 mile race took at least 2 hours to finish and covered roughly 1500 feet in elevation change. It had been postponed because of weather in December, but it officially was put into the books on Saturday.  Two of our new race members, Jesse Bernal and Daniel Johnson, logged their first official race with the team, providing a glimpse of why we’re so excited to have them and everyone on our team for this 2014 year!

Jesse Bernal finished 2nd out of 4 in the 30 mile Single Speed Open category, and Daniel finished 14th out of 27 in the 30 mile Men’s Open category.  Congrats fellas!

Here are the overall results from the race:

  • 30 mi. SS Open
    • Jesse Bernal, 2nd out of 4, 2:29:26, avg spd: 12.03 mph
  • 30 mi. Men’s Open
    • Daniel Johnson, 14th out of 27, 2:29:08, avg spd: 12.07 mph

And, not to forget we all went out to North Shore for an awesome day of racing before the race got abruptly stopped and later cancelled, because some numbskull didn’t put out his campfire.  We had 10 racers on the course and another 6 volunteer members in support for the Frozen DORBA series race.  Check out these great pics, and look for the team at the next race in the series at Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, and at the Dirty Dozen Endurance Race in Warda, TX both this weekend!

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