Jesse Bernal, Racing Member, SS


Racing Results


Sansom 66 25th place out of 28, 5:10:50
Rudolph’s Revenge 2nd out of 4, 2:29:26, avg spd: 12.03 mph
Dirty Dozen 12 hr, 3-4 man team, 3rd place out of 8 teams, 18 laps, 11:36:13.52
Ray Porter Memorial 6 hr SS, solo, 7th out of 8th, 3 laps, 4:20:48
Frozen IDB 4 hr SS, solo, 4th out of 7, 3 laps, 3:11:05



Birth Date July 28 1983
Birth Place
Dallas, TX
Home Town
Denton, TX
List and describe your bicycles Niner SIR 9 Single Speed(Blaze Yellow)
Salsa Warbird Gravel Grinder (Orange)
Salsa Spearfish II Endurance Machine (Orange)
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in
Most favorite accomplishment is having completed the Ouachita Challenge 3 years in a row, including a 6:09 finish in 2010. My next goal is to complete it on my single speed. Also, 2nd place overall in Cat 3 XC 2012.
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? I don’t remember my first bike, I don’t even remember learning to ride a bike. What I do remember however is when my bike was stolen from my backyard when I was a child. That was the first time I remember ever feeling heartache.
Why do you ride a bicycle?
I ride bikes to break free from reality. Its my outlet, and without it I would probably go nuts. Riding bikes also lets me enjoy tacos and beer without feeling too much guilt.
What does Bearded Women mean to you?
It means I have friends!

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