DORBA Fall Series – Frisco

Michelle Blackard tearin’ it up!

At the end of November, we wrapped up the DORBA Fall Series with a final race at Frisco NW Community Park Trail. The week prior to the race, BWR was sitting in 3rd place for the Overall Team award. The bottom line was we needed teammates to sign up for this race, so we could move up in the rankings. Teammates encouraged one another to sign up, and the BWR turnout that day was awesome! We had a whopping total of 25 racers ready to take on the competition at Frisco!

This final race was a bit different than the rest. Each lap was only about 4 miles, so Cat 3 racers did 3 laps, Cat 2 racers did 4 laps, and Cat 1 racers did 5. This trail also has very little tree covering, so much of the race was out in the open, which made it fun for the spectators.

The race began on a jeep road that went directly up a hill, quickly separating the leaders from the rest of the pack. Once we got up the hill, we went through an old barn and jumped right onto the single track. If you simply look at Frisco NW Community Trail, you would think it looks fairly flat. Guess again. There are few sections of long sustained climbs that definitely get heart rate elevated. The rest of the trail has a smooth, non-technical flow with some whoop-de-doos and tight turns.

It was so cool to have so many teammates, old and new, there to end the Fall Series. We are definitely looking forward to next year. We appreciate the work that goes into the production of these races. Thank you, DORBA, and volunteers!

Racing member, Will Jiron
Racing member, Will Jiron

Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1 Men 60+

Cat 2 Men 60+

Cat 2 Men 35 – 39

Cat 2 Men 19 – 29

Cat 2 Men Single Speed

Cat 2 Women 30 – 39

  • Michelle Blackard, 1st

Cat 3 Men 50 – 59

  • David Deery, 13th

Cat 3 Men 40 – 49

Cat 3 Men 30 – 39

Cat 3 Men 19 – 29

Clydesdale Men

Cat 3 Women 40+

Cat 3 Women 19 – 29

Athena Women

Sansom 66

lKevin from Spinistry is at it again with the infamous Sansom 66. The Sansom 66 is an endurance race with a 33 mile and 66 mile option. As Kevin said, “many people will attempt it, but few will complete it.” Sansom is not your “typical” DFW trail. There is approximately 1500+ feet of elevation per each 11 mile lap. The terrain is tough with tons of loose rocks, an abundance of climbs, fast descents, and maybe one straightaway to recover. This trail can be very fun, but also very challenging, and guess what? The racers did every bit of it!

A few of our teammates signed up for this torture, ahem, race. Braden Barnett, Daniel Smith, and Evan McGinley registered for the 33 mile option, which is pure insanity in itself. Yavor Gerenski and Brad Wendling did the unthinkable and signed up for the 66 miler. The race morning started out as any other except it was a bit chilly and drizzly. Kevin gathered the racers for the usual racers’ meeting and then the riders anxiously took their spot on the starting line. Within a few minutes the racers were off! Brittany, Melissa, Jonathan, and Emma were on standby for support. The ladies immediately took off on foot to find a good spot to take pictures of our teammates and offer them a cheer or two. We won’t mention how they didn’t actually ever find the racers… That’s beside the point. They were still great to have onsite as they were ready with nutrition and water as BWR came through on each lap.

Yavor and Evan were the first to come through on the first lap. Not far behind them was Brad, then Braden, and then Dan. All of them were looking very strong as they immediately jumped into their second lap. As everyone came through for the second time, you could see a mixture of emotions on their faces. However, they were all determined to show Sansom who was boss. One lap later our 33 milers crossed the finish line. Evan killed it with a time of 3:14:46. Braden came in next with a time of 3:52:20. Dan also finished with a very solid time of 3:57:11. Any person who has ever attempted to ride Sansom knows that 33 miles of that place is absolutely nuts and a HUGE accomplishment. Way to go, guys! You totally rocked it!

As time passed, the BWR pit crew (Brittany, Melissa, Dan, and Braden) continued to wait, help, and cheer on Brad and Yavor. Brad even got a leg massage in between laps. Talk about service! Both continued to look strong as they pushed on. After the fourth lap, Brad decided to throw in the towel due to some wicked leg cramps. We still felt so proud of him! Did I mention that he did all of that on a single speed?! Four laps out there on a single speed earns him bragging rights for a very, very long time.

We still had Yavor out on the course and we could not even believe he still had enough gas in the tank to keep going. Braden, Dan, and Brittany waited anxiously for Yavor to complete his final lap. As soon as they spotted him towards the end of the course, they ran over to him and began yelling and cheering for him. You could see the excitement on his face (I know, hard to believe). HE DID IT! He finished the grueling Sansom 66 with a time of 6:42:28. As he crossed the finish line, Kevin handed him his payout and everyone congratulated him.

After the day came to an end, Yavor posted this on his Facebook:

“It was a great experience today, definitely a tough race! Just wanted to thank the team for supporting me during those painful miles. Braden, Dan, and Brittany did a really good job helping with my nutrition and keeping my bike in good mechanical condition…. but what I’m most thankful for is the way they cheered me up every single time I crossed the start/finish line. Having such a supportive team definitely makes a difference. Thank you guys!”

Way to represent, BWR! Y’all did an amazing job! n

Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Solo Half (33 Miles)

  • Evan McGinley, 3:14:46, 4th out of 21
  • Braden Barnett, 3:52:20, 11th out of 21
  • Daniel Smith, 3:57:11, 15th out of 21

Solo Elite SS (66 Miles)

  • Brad Wendling, DNF

Solo Elite (66 Miles)

  • Yavor Gerenski, 6:42:28, 4th out of 7

ns13Bearded Women Racing continued its successes in the DORBA Fall Series on September 21st at the Northshore Trail on Lake Grapevine.  Our members spent many hours at Northshore leading up to the race to pre-ride the course, which was definitely evident when it came to the awards!  The trail consists of several miles of challenging terrain guaranteed to challenge any rider.

I think it is safe to say that Bearded Women Racing was well represented on the podium. Phil Hollings won 1st place in Cat 2. Brandon Schrader took home a well-derved 2nd place in Cat 2 (Single Speed). Mike D’Aurelio placed 2nd in Cat 1. Melissa Dalton, Brittany Smith, and Keith McDonald all made the podium in their age groups for Cat 3. Our members are continuing to train hard and are looking forward to the next race, Biketoberfest at Rowlett Creek Preserve!ns12



Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 2nd, Men 60 +
  • Eric Swarvar (open), 5th, SS

Cat 2

  • Brandon Schrader, 2nd, SS
  • Phil Hollings, 1st, Men 60 +
  • Daniel Smith, 8th, Men 30 – 34

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 14th, Men 30 – 39
  • Brittany Smith, 2nd, Women 19 – 29
  • Melissa Dalton, 3rd, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 2nd, Men 40 – 49
  • Daniel Smith, 13th, Men 30 – 39
  • Chris Torrez, 29th, Men 30 – 39


DORBA Fall Series – Boulder Park

The first race of the DORBA Fall Series was huge success for the team.  Our members have been putting in a lot of time for training and it showed on one of the more difficult trails in the DFW area.  Boulder Park can be quite tricky with quick, steep ascents, and rocky, loose descents.  DORBA had 245 racers in attendance with the intent to conquer it’s southern trail, and many quickly found out you need a lot of cardio and some fearlessness in being able to make your way around the 8  mile course.

Keith McDonald, Racing member

Bearded Women Racing continues to improve and gain podium and top ten places in several of the Cat 3 categories, but also has racers in Cat 2 and Cat 1 showing they’re capable of obtaining high placing.  Racing member Keith McDonald and new Riding member Melissa Dalton took 1st respectively in their categories.  Mike D’Aurelio and James Henson also took 1st in their categories.  Other notable podium makers where Moreece Griffin, Brandon Schrader, and Jonathan Braddick.

Melissa Dalton, Riding Member








Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 1st, Men 60 +

Cat 2

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 3rd, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Nathan Delahoussaye, 9th, Men 30 – 39
  • Jonathan Braddick, 2nd, Clydesdale
  • Melissa Dalton, 1st, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 1st, Men 40 – 49

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