Chad Recer, Racing Member, Geared


Racing Results


Birth Date
February 19, 1979
Birth Place Garland, TX
Home Town Frisco, TX
List and describe your bicycles Trek Superfly (Gary Fisher Collection)
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in My first ever MTB race was in July 2014.
Looking forward to reaching the podium during the 2015 season!
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle?
Building BMX ramps in the alley out of plywood and anything else we could find around the neighborhood.
Why do you ride a bicycle?
My wife bought me my first MTB in May of 2014 and I instantly fell in love with riding. Nothing beats hitting the trails first thing in the morning, and once I discovered racing, there was no turning back!
What does Bearded Women mean to you?
It means being part of an amazing team!




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