ns13Bearded Women Racing continued its successes in the DORBA Fall Series on September 21st at the Northshore Trail on Lake Grapevine.  Our members spent many hours at Northshore leading up to the race to pre-ride the course, which was definitely evident when it came to the awards!  The trail consists of several miles of challenging terrain guaranteed to challenge any rider.

I think it is safe to say that Bearded Women Racing was well represented on the podium. Phil Hollings won 1st place in Cat 2. Brandon Schrader took home a well-derved 2nd place in Cat 2 (Single Speed). Mike D’Aurelio placed 2nd in Cat 1. Melissa Dalton, Brittany Smith, and Keith McDonald all made the podium in their age groups for Cat 3. Our members are continuing to train hard and are looking forward to the next race, Biketoberfest at Rowlett Creek Preserve!ns12



Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 2nd, Men 60 +
  • Eric Swarvar (open), 5th, SS

Cat 2

  • Brandon Schrader, 2nd, SS
  • Phil Hollings, 1st, Men 60 +
  • Daniel Smith, 8th, Men 30 – 34

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 14th, Men 30 – 39
  • Brittany Smith, 2nd, Women 19 – 29
  • Melissa Dalton, 3rd, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 2nd, Men 40 – 49
  • Daniel Smith, 13th, Men 30 – 39
  • Chris Torrez, 29th, Men 30 – 39


DORBA Fall Series – Boulder Park

The first race of the DORBA Fall Series was huge success for the team.  Our members have been putting in a lot of time for training and it showed on one of the more difficult trails in the DFW area.  Boulder Park can be quite tricky with quick, steep ascents, and rocky, loose descents.  DORBA had 245 racers in attendance with the intent to conquer it’s southern trail, and many quickly found out you need a lot of cardio and some fearlessness in being able to make your way around the 8  mile course.

Keith McDonald, Racing member

Bearded Women Racing continues to improve and gain podium and top ten places in several of the Cat 3 categories, but also has racers in Cat 2 and Cat 1 showing they’re capable of obtaining high placing.  Racing member Keith McDonald and new Riding member Melissa Dalton took 1st respectively in their categories.  Mike D’Aurelio and James Henson also took 1st in their categories.  Other notable podium makers where Moreece Griffin, Brandon Schrader, and Jonathan Braddick.

Melissa Dalton, Riding Member








Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 1st, Men 60 +

Cat 2

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 3rd, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 6th, Men 30 – 39
  • Nathan Delahoussaye, 9th, Men 30 – 39
  • Jonathan Braddick, 2nd, Clydesdale
  • Melissa Dalton, 1st, Women 40 +
  • Keith McDonald, 1st, Men 40 – 49

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DORBA Fall Series – Cedar Hill Reschedule

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What a spectacular inaugural season we’ve had!  The last race in what became a make up race ended our 2013 season with a bang.  We brought 10 racers and all did a great job finishing this fast course.

A couple of highlights include Braden Barnett ending his season with his first 1st place showing!


Brandon Schrader finished his year with 2 5th place, 2 4th place, and 2 3rd place finishes and the lead in the team overall points competition.  In addition, Nathan Delahoussaye and Wes Salas both finished in the top ten of the normally packed and competitive Cat 3 30 -39 category

With the majority of our racing members agreeing to comeback for the 2014 season, and the team looking to expand it’s racing roster, we can hope to see more successes in the future!  If you’re interested in applying for 2014 racing membership, we will open up the application process on November 11th.  For more information on team membership, read here!  *We have a limited number of spots available

Here are the overall results from the race:

DORBA Fall Series – Rowlett Creek Preserve #2

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Team.  Defined as a group of people linked in a common purpose.  Mountain biking isn’t always a team sport.  You perform on an individual level, competing with other athletes in a sprint race to be first to the line.  This past Sunday, our team showed what it means to be linked together in common purpose.

At the DORBA Fall Series race at Rowlett Creek Preserve, our best overall showing of the season comprised of two 1st place finishes, two 2nd place finishes, two 3rd place finishes, and one 5th place finish.  We also fielded the highest number of entries with 14 Adults and 3 Juniors.

Our biggest highlight came with two racing members who didn’t even finish the race.  Brad Wendling, a team officer, was having a fast race when he lost control and crashed.  He was able to pick himself up and begin racing again when it happened a second, much harder, time.  He’s doing better today, but what happened after that crash is something pretty special.  Josh Merkel, an original member of the team, was racing in only his 2nd race of the season when he came upon Brad.  Instead of continuing, and finishing his race, Josh decided to DNF himself to help Brad out and back to the team tent so medics could check on him.  Josh sacrificed his own race for a fellow teammate.  Big kudos to him, and a reminder to us all that we’re pretty lucky to have such great teammates.

Sunday also marked another first for the team, when three junior racers stepped into their first ever mountain bike race!  Aiden Toombs, and brothers Jacob and William Wendling all competed and had lots of fun racing the 3 mile course.

As for those pretty impressive showings, Minh Nguyen and Keith McDonald finished what they couldn’t do the last race because of mechanical breakdowns, and ended up on the podium 1st and 3rd respectively in the Cat 3 40 – 49 division.  The largest division of the event at 49 racers!

In the Cat 3 19 – 29 division, newcomer Jacob Hollings, took 2nd place after a 1st place performance at LB Houston before joining the team.  Jacob’s new teammate, Braden Barnett, showed why he’s poised to grab a top spot soon by continuing to move up the rankings with a 5th place finish.

In a newly created division in Cat 3, Jonathan Braddick and Logan Davis competed in the Clydesdale division taking 1st and 9th respectively.

The results kept coming in the last race of the day in Cat 2.  Brandon Schrader has had quite the season in the SS division, taking multiple top 5 finishes, but in this race he finally saw the results of his hard work, taking a podium spot in 3rd place.  He also holds the top overall team points leader position.  The heat didn’t hold back his divisional teammate, Will Jiron, coming in 11th place.

And finally, the “most races completed this season” leader on the team, and oldest member (of which we like to remind him of this all of the time) superman James Henson completed his seventh race, and is a close 2nd in our overall team points leader competition.  He finished 2nd in the Cat 2 60 plus division.

Here are the overall results from the race:

  • Cat 2 60 plus
  • Cat 2 SS
    • Brandon Schrader, 3rd Place out of 14, 1:48:25
    • Will Jiron, 11th Place out of 14, 2:06:03
  • Cat 3 Juniors, 10 and under
    • Aiden Toombs, 11th Place out of 18, 0:16:36
    • Jacob Wendling, 12th Place out of 18, 0:16:43
    • William Wendling, 16th Place out of 18, 0:20:00
  • Cat 3 19 -29
    • Jacob Hollings, 2nd Place out of 21, 0:49:38 (new member)
    • Braden Barnett, 5th Place out of 21, 0:53:21
  • Cat 3 30 -39
    • Shane Walden, 12th Place out of 40, 0:53:10 (new member)
    • Nathan Delahoussaye, 19th out of 40, 0:55:20
    • Wes Salas, 20th out of 40, 0:55:22 (new member)
    • Brad Wendling, DNF, (crash)
    • Josh Merkel, DNF, (helped a teammate after crash, sacrificed his own race to do this!)
  • Cat 3 40 – 49
    • Keith McDonald, 3rd Place out of 49, 0:50:40
  • Cat 3 Clydesdale
    • Jonathan Braddick, 1st Place out of 9, 0:54:56
    • Logan Davis, 9th Place out of 9, 0:45:29 (new member)

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