DORBA Fall Series – LB Houston #1

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The first sprint race of the DORBA Fall Series was certainly an exciting race for the team.  We had new riding members who recently joined the team, Shane Walden, Wes Salas, and Logan Davis race along with 8 other racing members.  While we’re still looking for that first podium of the season, our hard work is definitely showing now that the sprint season is back!  All of our racers improved from past sprint races in the standings, and we were only one off the podium in the Cat 2 single speed division with Brandon Schrader’s personal best 4th overall placing.  Braden Barnett also got a personal best 7th place in the Cat 3 19 -29 division.

We were also leading the Cat 3, 40 – 49 division with two of our racers, but the mountain bike racing gods weren’t very kind to us with a flat tire of our leader, Minh Nguyen, and a crash out from Keith McDonald who was in a close second at the time.  We’re happy he’s ok, and know he’s going to use it as motivation for the next race in the series.

Furthermore, James Henson did his 6th race this season, the most of any team member, by entering the Cat 1 60 + division.  He finished 3rd out of 3 entries, but what’s interesting is he showed up a bit late for the Cat 3 race.  We’re very glad too, because he burned through 2 fast laps to finish the race with a little extra coin in his pocket!

Here are the overall results from the race:

  • Cat 1 60 plus
  • Cat 2 SS
  • Cat 3 19 -29
    • Braden Barnett, 7th Place out of 25, 0:38:33
    • Logan Davis, 24th Place out of 25, 0:45:29
  • Cat 3 30 -39
    • Brad Wendling, 13th Place out of 41, 0:38:49
    • Shane Walden, 14th Place out of 41, 0:38:53
    • Wes Salas, 15th Place out of 41, 0:39:06
  • Cat 3 40 – 49
    • Keith McDonald, 40th Place out of 43, 0:45:28 (mechanical)
    • Minh Nguyen, 43rd Place out of 43, 0:53:59 (mechanical)

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