DORBA Fall Series – Cedar Hill Reschedule

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What a spectacular inaugural season we’ve had!  The last race in what became a make up race ended our 2013 season with a bang.  We brought 10 racers and all did a great job finishing this fast course.

A couple of highlights include Braden Barnett ending his season with his first 1st place showing!


Brandon Schrader finished his year with 2 5th place, 2 4th place, and 2 3rd place finishes and the lead in the team overall points competition.  In addition, Nathan Delahoussaye and Wes Salas both finished in the top ten of the normally packed and competitive Cat 3 30 -39 category

With the majority of our racing members agreeing to comeback for the 2014 season, and the team looking to expand it’s racing roster, we can hope to see more successes in the future!  If you’re interested in applying for 2014 racing membership, we will open up the application process on November 11th.  For more information on team membership, read here!  *We have a limited number of spots available

Here are the overall results from the race:


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