Biketoberfest at the DORBA – 2015 North Texas XC Series on September 26th at Boulder Park!

HanzYa, this iz Hans from ze Motha’ land ya!  I’ve journe’d all ze vay from my home of Hamburg to invite you to ze Bearded Vemon Vacing’s Zecond Annual Biktoberfest ya!  I had zuch a great time last year I dezided to return in zearch of zis mountainz you zpeak of. It’z a Nagelschlagen guaranteed to be ze best time you’ll have on a mountain bike!

What iz zis mountain bike, ya?  Ve have real mountainz back in Duetschland!  Ver are ze mountains in Texas, ya? No matter!  Vear your most favorite Duetsch costume to vin a prize, or try to beat me at ze arm wrestling or bike throwing contests, and other bike games, ya!

I’ll also be opening my personal Beirgarten with mama’s traditional bratz and ze cold root beer, free for everyone to enjoy.

*First come, first zerve.  Limited supply. Donations accepted.

Also, to check out my swag bag full of excellent Bearded Vemon Vacing merch, and listen to ze excellent sounds of ze Polka and Deutsch rock and roll! Can’t wait to meet all of you there!

Auf Wiedersehen!

HERE ARE ZE DETAILS: XC Mountain Bike Race

DORBA – 2015 North Texas XC Series will take place on September 26th, 2015 from 8:30 am – 4:30:00 pm at Boulder Park in Dallas, TX. Register to race

Root – Biergarten – Our sponsors provided great prizes!

Listen to Hans and visit his Biktoberfest Biergarten featuring free brats and cold root beers, one per person, first come first serve.  Hang out with fellow racers, take your hand at the arm wrestling or bike tossing contests, or buy a BWR tee shirt, kozy or water bottle to help support the team!  Prizes from our sponsors, Rudyproject, Kind Snacks, Oskar Blues Brewery, Cadence Cyclery Highland Village and Regeared.

Cash at the race or Paypal donations to are generously accepted.


It’s not a race without more competition, and this won’t be USAC regulated!  Hans loves’ to win so try to beat him at the caber bike toss, arm wrestling, pogo competition, Dance off and more!  Festivities get underway once Cat 1 racers have finished the race.


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DORBA Fall Series – Frisco

Michelle Blackard tearin’ it up!

At the end of November, we wrapped up the DORBA Fall Series with a final race at Frisco NW Community Park Trail. The week prior to the race, BWR was sitting in 3rd place for the Overall Team award. The bottom line was we needed teammates to sign up for this race, so we could move up in the rankings. Teammates encouraged one another to sign up, and the BWR turnout that day was awesome! We had a whopping total of 25 racers ready to take on the competition at Frisco!

This final race was a bit different than the rest. Each lap was only about 4 miles, so Cat 3 racers did 3 laps, Cat 2 racers did 4 laps, and Cat 1 racers did 5. This trail also has very little tree covering, so much of the race was out in the open, which made it fun for the spectators.

The race began on a jeep road that went directly up a hill, quickly separating the leaders from the rest of the pack. Once we got up the hill, we went through an old barn and jumped right onto the single track. If you simply look at Frisco NW Community Trail, you would think it looks fairly flat. Guess again. There are few sections of long sustained climbs that definitely get heart rate elevated. The rest of the trail has a smooth, non-technical flow with some whoop-de-doos and tight turns.

It was so cool to have so many teammates, old and new, there to end the Fall Series. We are definitely looking forward to next year. We appreciate the work that goes into the production of these races. Thank you, DORBA, and volunteers!

Racing member, Will Jiron
Racing member, Will Jiron

Here are the full team results and photos from the day:

Cat 1 Men 60+

Cat 2 Men 60+

Cat 2 Men 35 – 39

Cat 2 Men 19 – 29

Cat 2 Men Single Speed

Cat 2 Women 30 – 39

  • Michelle Blackard, 1st

Cat 3 Men 50 – 59

  • David Deery, 13th

Cat 3 Men 40 – 49

Cat 3 Men 30 – 39

Cat 3 Men 19 – 29

Clydesdale Men

Cat 3 Women 40+

Cat 3 Women 19 – 29

Athena Women

DORBA Fall Series – Johnson Branch

The fourth race of the DORBA Fall Series has proven to be the most challenging race thus far. The race course started directly with the “red loop,” which is quite rocky with numerous rock gardens, technical climbs, and some short, steep drops. After enduring 2 miles of the “red loop,” the course continued onto a jeep road and curved through trees up and down wooded hillsides which created plenty of elevation change. Not only did Mike D’Aurelio, Phil Hollings, and Brandon Schrader survive two laps of this brutal course, they also made the podium. Shout out to Brandon for completing this on his single speed. In addition to those members, Keith McDonald, Brittany Smith, and Melissa Dalton, also made the podium.


Brandon receiving 2nd place in Cat 2 SS. That 14-year-old was fast!

After hitting the trail, racers got to enjoy the carnival festivities hosted by the Big Pigs. I must say it was quite entertaining seeing some of our fellow riders being dunked into a tub of water! Thank you again for putting on such a great event!

James and Phil getting ready to hit the trail!












Here are the team’s overall results and photos:

Cat 1

Cat 2

  • Brandon Schrader, 2nd, SS
  • Phil Hollings, 2nd, Men 60 +
  • James Henson, DNF (technical)

Cat 3

  • Chris Torrez, 7th, Men 30 – 39
  • Keith McDonald, 2nd, Men 40 – 49
  • Brittany Smith, 2nd, Women 19 – 29
  • Melissa Dalton, 1st, Women 40 +

Biketoberfest at RCP

Biketoberfest, our Team’s theme for the DORBA Fall Series at Rowlett Creek Preserve, was a huge success! Bearded Women Racing went above and beyond, setting up a show down with Big Pig at Johnson Branch next week. Many of our team members came dressed in their best German attire, especially Benjamin Leach who looked gorgeous as Hilda, Hans’ froulien from Hamburg. Hans and Mando stepped it up a notch and raced in their lederhosens. Our members also donated food, swag, and time to make this event fun for all.

Brittany Smith (3rd) and Katie Shaw (2nd) receiving their awards!

Between bike tossing, arm wrestling, and eating delicious bratwursts, many of the BWR members raced as well. About half of Rowlett Creek Preserve passes through trees with some areas that are tight and twisty.  The rest is out in the open with some fast, straight field sections.  Most of the trail is flat with only a few relatively short climbs, which made for a very quick race! Some of our members who made the podium in their categories include: Keith McDonald, Phil Hollings, James Henson, Brandon Schrader, Mike D’Aurelio, Melissa Dalton, and Brittany Smith.



Brandon Schrader received 2nd in Cat. 2 SS.








Here are the team’s overall results and photos:

Cat 1

  • Mike D’Aurelio, 2nd, Men 60 +

Cat 2

  • Brandon Schrader, 2nd, SS
  • Will Jiron, 9th, SS
  • Jonathan Braddick, 15th, SS
  • Corey Fawcett, 8th, Men 35 – 39
  • Phil Hollings, 1st, Men 60 +
  • James Henson, 2nd, Men 60 +

Cat 3

  • Moreece Griffin, 7th, Men 30 – 39
  • Armando Zermeno, 9th, Men 30 – 39
  • Keith McDonald, 1st, Men 40 – 49
  • Daniel Smith, 5th, Men 30 – 39
  • Chris Torrez, 18th, Men 30 – 39
  • David Foster, 8th, Clydesdale
  • Logan Davis, 10th, Clydesdale
  • Katie Shaw, 2nd, Women 19 – 29
  • Brittany Smith, 3rd, Women 19 – 29
  • Melissa Dalton, 1st, Women 40 +

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