Benjamin Leach, Riding Member, SS


Racing Results


24 Hours in the Canyon
Smurf Boy


Birth Date
January 6 1983
Birth Place
Plano, Tx
Home Town
Lantana, Tx
List and describe your bicycles
Full Rigid Misfit Psycles Dissent SS (Donkey Kong)
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in
Endurance racing is new to me this year.  The past two years I had shown up and supported the Big Pigs fundraiser six hour race in Tyler, Tx but never actually pushed myself.  It wasn’t until 24 Hours in the Canyon that I put everything I had into a race and at that point everything changed.  Next came racing 3 out of 4 of the Smurf Boy’s which still pushing myself learning more and more about actual bike setup and positioning but with all of that said the most important thing is the goals that I have for next year.
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle?
Camping with the family and taking my Huffy down hill on a jeep road and putting full trust into her. As a kid the adrenaline rush that I received at that moment has never left me.
Why do you ride a bicycle?
I ride bicycles for two reasons.  First, I have a addictive personality and with mountain biking being a healthy bad habit it keeps me out of trouble for the most part. Second, its all about the people and doing things that isn’t the norm.
What does Bearded Women mean to you?
For the past year I have watched and abserved what Bearded Women Racing  was about.  Which with a name Bearded Women who wouldn’t.  So is it a race team? Yes … Is it a bunch of dudes/dudettes racing with negativity? No … Its a group of amazing people all after the same goal which to me is to lift each other up to make everyone even those that aren’t on their team the best that they could be.  And as a young team that I see growing and going places I just knew that I had to be apart of it.



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