Prayer Mountain Pedal, May 1, 2013

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There are races that everyone gets really excited about, and know they’re going to go really, really fast.  The Prayer Mountain Pedal, is NOT that race.  This is a grueling, climbing course in the escarpments of southwest Dallas County overlooking the rest of the state to the west.  It’s truly the one place in all of North Texas where you feel a bit like you’re in the Hill Country of Central Texas.

The fellas that raced definitely made their marks and performed really well!  We took another 5th place overall in Cat 2 SS from Brandon Schrader, and ratcheted up the Cat 3 division to gain some racing credibility.  Also, we met two new guys we invited on the team, Randy Davis and Braden Barnett.

Here are the results from the race:

  • Category 2, SS (single speed)
    • Brandon Schrader, 5th Place, 1:37:05
  • Category 2, 20 – 29
  • Category 3, 30 -39
  • Category 3, 40 – 49
    • Keith McDonald, 15th Place, 0:51:24
  • Category 3, 50 – 99

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