achivaEasy on the stomach and fast on energy, Achiva Native Energy is a great alternative to the sugary and hard-to-swallow energy gels and drinks in the market.  Bearded Women get theirs and race!


A New Option

Many of the gels and chews that that you have tried in the past are effective and flavorful, but our bet is that you are looking for a true alternative to the maltodextrin-based nutrition products that you have purchased in the past.

Check our label and you will see that we provide a dose of energy that compares to a gel or chew pack and an electrolyte blend that is on par with most common electrolyte supplements. Is our stuff different? Sure, but that is not always a bad thing.

Better Ingredients

Our recipes are limited to eight ingredients or less and we pay double what the big boys pay to make our products. Do we pass that cost onto you? No Way! Check our prices and you will be pleasantly surprised how favorably we compare. Read the reviews and you will see that our ingredients have proven to be as effective, if not more so, than the gels and chews that dominate the market.

Released Energy

Our products consist of a select group of special ingredients. The result provides a mix of natural sugars and soluble fiber that does not burn off or digest quickly but is still easy on your stomach. Since our products digest a bit slower, energy is still there when you need it. Don’t believe us? Take our delicious chews or fabulous drink mix for a spin and see for yourself.

Sustained Hydration

Chia is a staple in our products. Since these little seeds can absorb nine times their weight in water, they gel up. This gel won’t pass through you as quickly as water or sports drink will. The result is more sustained hydration than you will get from other products.

Natural Electrolytes

We don’t add any chemically produced ingredients to our products in order to increase the electrolyte content. Coconut water and fruit juice powders provide an electrolyte combo that is similar to the leading electrolyte tablets.

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