Apply for Open 2014 Team Membership , Deadline 11/21/2013 12 AM

Posted: November 12, 2013 by turnerwinstonoc in Membership

The 2014 membership is now open until next Thursday, 11/21/2013 12AM.  We’re taking applications for our Racing and Riding Membership.

Member Types

  1. Click Here to be a Racing Member – must submit an annual application for review and approval. Commits to participating in the qualifying number of races per calendar year which is determined by the annual budget prior to the season start, at least one trail maintenance day event per calendar year (if racing MTB), at least one other community volunteer activity per calendar year and pay the prescribed annual membership dues of $50 at the start of the season. Racing Members must apply annually for each racing season.
  2. Click Here to be a Riding Member – purchase a team kit, participate in at least one trail maintenance day per calendar year, and participate in at least one team community activity per calendar

Membership Benefits

All Members

i.    Private, online group to communicate with members of the team, providing helpful training tips, trade opportunities, encouragement, group training rides, and much more.
ii.    A personal racing profile on the Bearded Women Racing website.
iii.    Team racing calendar and supported races throughout the season.  Support includes onsite bicycle racks, bicycle stand and tools for mechanical issues, beverages and snacks for most races, team hotel bookings when needed, and race encouragement and camaraderie.
iv.    Sponsorship support throughout the season, including sponsor donations and in-kind donations for team member’s use.

Racing Members

i.    Full kit, racing socks, and other apparel for the season
ii.    Race fee reimbursements will be given to all qualifying Racing Members at the end of the season.  The amount of reimbursement will be determined based on the team’s annual budget.
iii.    A team points competition throughout the season with end of year awards and prizes

Riding Members

i.    Full kit for purchase by the member, racing socks, and other apparel for the season

  1. Gmoney says:

    I live out in the sticks, how can I get a member referral? Would like the rider option. Rode the kick cancers ass event and CHSP was my first XC race. Planning on the entire frozen series. Also put down 14 hours of trail work at Erwin and Squabble creek. Aming for 20 hrs for 14.


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