Jonathan Marut, Riding Member

Birth Date
November 28 1973
Birth Place Washington DC
Home Town
Fort Worth
List and describe your bicycles Cervelo S3 (road bike)
Fuji Roubaix (former road bike will be turned into town bike)
Mongoose Mountain Bike (for when the road bike won’t do)
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in 2012 HHH 100km ride 11th place (this can only be due to people not using their timing chips)
2010 HHH 100 mile 4:58
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle? I had a sweet red and yellow bike with a banana seat. It had a sweet speedometer.
Why do you ride a bicycle? Fun! Exercise! Occasionally for transport.
What does Bearded Women mean to you? Funny name of my BILs team.

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