Smurf Boy – Cedar Hill State Park, July 27, 2013

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What a showing the team put up at the final race of this endurance series!  A 1st Place spot in the Team Open category was awarded to Minh Nguyen (KOM of the 8 mile loop, btw) and Keith McDonald.  This is our first 1st place award for our new racing team!  Also, Randy Davis improved 4 places in just his second solo endurance event to date, finishing just out of the top ten in 11th Place in the solo under 39 category.  Brad Wendling completed his first solo endurance race after coming back from an injury during a crash.

We entered 10 total racers for this event to continue a strong showing, and are gaining traction in the area.  Up next, we switch back to sprint racing for the DORBA Fall Series, which looks to be fast and tough!  See the full DORBA Fall race series schedule here.  Look for us at LB Houston on August 18th for the first race of the series.

Here are the results from the race:


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