Help Us Fix Bridge #31 on the NETT!

traillogoBearded Women Racing has a great interest in seeing the Northeast Texas Trail become an official state park, and a model rails-to-trail project like the Katy Trail in Missouri has become.  The NETT Coaltion is a non-profit organization with the goal of making this happen, and we want to help.

One of the over 100 form rail spans needing repair

In 2013, several Beards participated in the first Ride the NETT event. We discovered it’s beauty, wildness and serenity that draw so many people to it’s 130 contiguous miles.  Our team continued to explore and help clear segments of over growth, and were the first to discover the downfall of the great Sulpher River bridge featured in this post.

We’ve taken on the challenge of adopting one of over a hundred former rail bridges now falling into disrepair that must be saved.  Bridge #31, just north of the town of Celeste, TX is over 140 ft long and in immediate need.  Our goal is to raise $11,186.1 to cover the costs of new approaches and decking material.  Labor will be done by team members and other volunteers, and directed by the Infrastructure Committee for the NETT Coalition.  Stop by our team tent to learn more and donate!  Your direct donations to the NETT Coalition are tax-deductible.  Donate via Paypal or check and add #31BWRBridge as a memo to your donation. Learn more about our fundraising campaign here!




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