Dirty Dozen at Warda

Terra Firma Racing puts on an amazing race and this is one you need to consider for next year. The Dirty Dozen is a 12-Hr or 6-Hr mountain bike race for solo riders and relay teams on a 7ish mile single track course (Bluff Creek Ranch in Warda, TX). The vibe, the company of great people, and the Fireball makes this one totally worth it!

Warda is about 3 1/2 hours away from DFW, so most of our members showed up Friday, Feb. 5th. It was a chilly evening spent around the fire, drinking beverages, and chowing down on some of Mr. Castro’s finest foods. After a good night’s rest, we were charged up and ready to throw down on Saturday morning. With 30+, that’s right – THIRTY PLUS, members in attendance, we were prepared to dominate. Everywhere you looked, there was a red jersey in sight.

Everyone gathered for the pre-race meeting and then the race quickly started with a Le Mans start. Racers dashed into the woods twisting through the pines and over the roots. Team members as well as other racers cheered and supported one another as the day continued. One of the best parts of this race was approaching the BWR heckle corner where teammates cheered on racers (er – something like that), handed up shots of Fireball, and jammed out to some sweet tunes.

Just as we had hoped, many of our BWR members finished strong. James Beas placed 4th in the 12-Hr Solo Open Male category. Marcus Gillespie placed 4th and Brad Wendling placed 7th in the 12-Hr Single Speed Male category. Marcus Mendoza placed 4th, Randy Davis placed 6th, David Deery placed 8th, Nathan Delahoussaye placed 10th, and Greg Campbell placed 13th in the 12-Hr Solo Sport Male category. James Henson placed 2nd in the 12-Hr Solo Grand Poobah category. The Richard Gears, Mark Thompson and Braden Barnett, placed 5th and the Dirt Dudes, Wes Salas and Mike D’Aurelio, placed 7th in the 12-Hr 2 Person Male category. In the 12-Hr 4 Person Male category, Jonathan Braddick, Mando Zermeno, Logan Davis, and Dennis Vollmer placed 5th. Moreece placed 6th with his team in the same category. Bearded Women Racing Rockstars – Melissa Dalton, Brittany Smith, Reba Becker, and Lauren Lay – placed 1st in the 12-Hr 4 Person Female category. Kelly Hart, Judge Rucker, and Kate Castro placed 2nd in the 12-Hr 4 Person Coed category. Sadly, Dylan Garrigan didn’t get to race with them as he injured his finger right before the race began. In the 12-Hr 4 Person Masters category, Minh Nguyen, Daniel Johnson, Eric Swarvar, and Blake york took home 3rd place. Nick Castro, Mike Carroll, Shane Woodhall, Riley Moore, and Clint Fenske earned 2nd placed in the 12-Hr 5 Person Grande category. Last but not least, Brad McDaniel placed 18th in the 6-Hr Solo Sport Male category.


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