DORBA LB Houston Workday, July 13th

DORBABearded Women always give back to their communities.  It’s part of our mission and equally important to our racing.  Here’s a great opportunity to give back to the sport of mountain biking in North Texas this coming Saturday, July 13th from 8:00 AM – Noon!

From the Dallas Off Road Biking Associations Facebook event:


It’s a GO!
Let’s make this the best trail day ever! Racers you need your pay dirt, so come on.

With the help of our lovely Elva Esparza and her love for DORBA, Progressive Insurance wants to help DORBA out at one of our trails. 🙂

Progressive will have 20+ helpers with us and will be providing lunch (food and drinks) for all volunteers.

Please come join hands with Progressive in helping our trails be that much more awesome. Bring gloves and any loppers or trimmers that you might have, eye protection and dress appropriately (you might want to wear light long sleeves or pants for the overgrowth scrapes)
We will be trimming back the spring growth to keep the trail safe and enjoyable for all.

ALSO-there will be a fun ride from 2-4pm, the Progressive crew has been encouraged to bring bikes and helmets to be introduced into the fun that is mt biking 🙂 RSVP Here!


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