Welcome, Trail LED, to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

trailled_LOGOIf you ever see a Bearded Woman member riding the trails at night, you will most likely see a Trail LED light mounted on their helmet. Hands down, these lights are the best. Bike Rumor agrees. To see their review on Trail LED, click on this link: Trail LED Review.

“Trail LED, makers of the industry leading 6000 lumen Halo light, has upgraded their entire line with a new generation of LEDs, promising an increase in brightness, better clarity, and longer run times. Handmade in Plano, Texas, Trail LED’s unique design and cutting edge technology promises commuters and solo 24-hour racers alike better visibility and more comfort than their competitors.”

To get your very own Trail LED light, head on over to their site: Trail LED

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Welcome, Scratch Labs to our 2015 Sponsor Season!

skratch-labs-logoOne of our members recently commented after completing 4 laps at the Sansom 66, “I drank a Scratch Labs after my 3rd lap and was able to make every climb that I couldn’t on the previous laps.  I thought I was on crack!”  We’ll we don’t condone doing drugs, but we do officially approve of their amazing energy powders that give that extra boost!  Also, we love their cook book of recipes for organic, whole food portables.  Bring me some blueberry, chocolate, and honey rice cake now, Eric Swarvar!!  Here’s a bit more about Scratch Labs:

At Skratch Labs our mission is to provide people with the inspiration, life skills, and products to take better care of themselves and their families.

It’s a mission based on the understanding that taking care of oneself and those we love isn’t always easy. But that’s okay, because the way we see it, there’s nothing more satisfying and grounding than putting in the time, care, and effort to solve life’s challenges.

This perspective – solving problems and delaying gratification without losing sight of the present – is at the heart of the community events, blogs, cookbooks, and all-natural nutrition products that makes up the sometimes hard to define mishmash of activity here at Skratch Labs.

Like most things in life, we’re figuring it out as we go. That said, a few things are clear – that food and drink are better when made from scratch and that no matter where we find ourselves in life, that it’s never too late to start from scratch.


Welcome, Brass Tacks Barber Shop to our 2015 Sponsor Season!


Get that fresh look you’ve been thinking about for the new year at Brass Tacks Barber Shop in Dallas, TX.  This new shop is located in Oak Cliff within the Bishop Arts District.

Our ladies like to get their beards trimmed or faces shaved by a professional with a straight razor.  Very hip!  FYI, wear you’re skinny jeans!  Oh, did I mention they have free beer while you wait?

Brass Tacks is a barbershop with focus on straight-razor shaves and traditional cuts. Listen to great music and enjoy a beer from a local brewery.


Here’s the owner, Brandon.  You know you want to look like this dude!  Killer stache.

Brandon, why so serious?
Brandon, why so serious?



Welcome, Maxxis to our 2015 Sponsor Season!

maxxistireslogoThe 2015 team will be rippin’ and grippn’ the trails on nothing other than Maxxis tires!  Here’s a bit more about Maxxis:

One of the world’s most trusted tire brands, Maxxis delivers high-quality tire products to customers in 170 countries and employs more than 25,000 people.  For winning races or enjoying a safe daily commute, Maxxis is the tire company riders and drivers trust.




Welcome, KIND Healthy Snacks to our 2015 Sponsor Season!

KIND-logoWe’ve been told that KIND is working on pairing their yummy, all natural, gluten free and non GMO healthy snacks with some choice local brews, so we say buy an Old Chub and grab a Strong and KIND for your next 100 miler!  Here’s a bit more about KIND and their philosophy:

There’s healthy. There’s tasty. Then there’s healthy and tasty. At KIND, we believe you deserve both—we call it our brAND philosophy. That’s why you’ll find all of our snacks are pretty much the nirvana of healthful tastiness. What began with just 8 bar varieties in 2004 has grown to over 22 bars and 6 Healthy Grains snackable clusters, and a multitude of new recipes being perfected and refined to our standards in the KIND kitchen.

Look for KIND Healthy Snack samples at races and other events the team will be at for the 2015 season!

Welcome, ESI Grips to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

ESIlogoChristmas this season is going to be awesome for the Bearded Women Racing team!  Our whips will be outfitted with the best gear on the market, and ESI Grips are definitely the best grips you can buy.

They’ve got their original, 100% silicone Chunky’s that absorb the shock, are light weight, and look great on any bike.

They also have tape and can custom any of their products for you to match!  Here’s their story:

ESI is located in Southern California and prides itself on it’s products being made right here in the USA. Established in 1999 we have spent over a decade providing superior products for the bicycle industry. Through new product development, ESI offers unique, high tech, quality products MADE in the USA followed with exceptional Customer Service!

Order some today and mention Bearded Women Racing!




Welcome, Ron Wadley Insurance to our 2015 Sponsor Season!

Farmers_Ins_sm_v_rgbWe’ve got beer and bikes, and we race a lot, so it’s only natural Ron Wadley Insurance is going to be there just in case we get our beards burned off, or ride off a cliff (he doesn’t do medical, it’s just an analogy)!

He’s already saved us Ladies hundreds of dollars off our auto, life, business, and home policies.  Why are you still reading this?  Get off your ass and call the man!  Oh, and did you know he’s a long time single speed mtb racer?  Now you know why we love him so much!

Ron Wadley, Office: (817) 907-7130 and all-around bad ass!



Welcome, Oak Fit Dallas to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

OAKFIT-logo_bwUp next in our new sponsor line up, we’re teaming up with the OakFit Community to teach our members physical fitness techniques to improve their riding and overall racing performance.

Here’s what they’re all about:

COMMUNITY ROOTED. RESULTS DRIVEN. At OakFIT, we deliver fast results with less injuries using periodization and evidence-based principles of strength and conditioning. Our mission is to safely and effectively introduce weightlifting and functional training to all levels of participants.

Ronnie, co-owner of Oak Fit
Ronnie, co-owner of Oak Fit

When you become a Member of OakFIT, you will be guided by coaches every step of the way to help you successfully reach whatever goals you set out for.

We do not offer a quick fix. Our Coaches and Members engage fitness and nutrition from a lifestyle perspective. I challenge you reach out to anyone in the OakFIT Community and ask them about their RESULTS.

Welcome, Oskar Blues Brewery to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

OBLong.BOTHoskar-blues-logoWe’re proud to announce a returning sponsor for 2017, Oskar Blues Brewery. What goes better with bicycles than anything else?  Why yes, beer, of course!

Bearded Women Racing is continuing to partner with Oskar Blues Brewery out of Longmont, Colorado as our Post-Race Hydration Sponsor.

We’ll need to rehydrate our racers, and will certainly have some to share with the racing community.

Look for their beer in stores across the greater DFW area, and throughout Texas!  Dale’s Pale Ale is one of the fastest selling craft beers in the country, along with their full line up of cans, you’re assured to find a tasty hop or two to wet your whistle for the post-ride shenanigans.

oskar-blues canlineup

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