Welcome, Scratch Labs to our 2015 Sponsor Season!

skratch-labs-logoOne of our members recently commented after completing 4 laps at the Sansom 66, “I drank a Scratch Labs after my 3rd lap and was able to make every climb that I couldn’t on the previous laps.  I thought I was on crack!”  We’ll we don’t condone doing drugs, but we do officially approve of their amazing energy powders that give that extra boost!  Also, we love their cook book of recipes for organic, whole food portables.  Bring me some blueberry, chocolate, and honey rice cake now, Eric Swarvar!!  Here’s a bit more about Scratch Labs:

At Skratch Labs our mission is to provide people with the inspiration, life skills, and products to take better care of themselves and their families.

It’s a mission based on the understanding that taking care of oneself and those we love isn’t always easy. But that’s okay, because the way we see it, there’s nothing more satisfying and grounding than putting in the time, care, and effort to solve life’s challenges.

This perspective – solving problems and delaying gratification without losing sight of the present – is at the heart of the community events, blogs, cookbooks, and all-natural nutrition products that makes up the sometimes hard to define mishmash of activity here at Skratch Labs.

Like most things in life, we’re figuring it out as we go. That said, a few things are clear – that food and drink are better when made from scratch and that no matter where we find ourselves in life, that it’s never too late to start from scratch.



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