Rudolph’s Revenge

This past Saturday we had several team members participate in LoneStar XC’s Rudolphs Revenge.  Congratulations to Mark Thompson, Marcus Mendoza, David Deery, Kate Castro, and Nick Castro with your strong performances.  Way to make us proud!


Click here to read Kate Castro’s experiences!


I signed up for the 40-miler. My back tire started losing air immediately. I didn’t have anything on it to fix it so I struggled to make it to the Sun & Ski tent. They were set up at the beginning of the trail. By the time I made it the tire was completely flat. Brian Smith (he was also racing and stopped to help) and Vern replaced my valve stem and got me going again. Halfway through the first lap of IDB we could feel the cold front coming in. Luckily the trees blocked most of the wind and it wasn’t too bad. The rock’s were brutal. I was so glad to finish my 2nd lap, I had enough of them. Though coming out of the trail and onto the pavement had it’s own agony. The temperature had dropped 20 degrees since the start (which I was not dressed for) and had to battle a headwind. Finished in4:37. Came in 2nd out of 2 females 🙂

Nick raced the 30-miler. He was determined to finish this race since it got the best of him 2 years ago and he DNF’d. He was hurting but pushed through and finished in 4:09.

David also raced the 30. He accidentally missed one of the loops of  the trail. He realized it when the race leaders were passing him. He finished in 2:18.

Marcus raced the 30. Finished in 2:10. In 13th place out of 47.

Mark Thompson also did 30. Finished in 2:15. 17th place

Spinistry served pancakes and bacon after the race. 

David, Myself and Nick enjoyed some post-race refreshments and veggie soup back at the state park. Temperatures plummeted to below freezing but that did not stop us from camping and having a good time.”


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