Texas Chainring Massacre

“Giddy up, y’all!” was the feeling at Texas Chainring Massacre. The brisk 30 degree temps didn’t keep the Bearded Women away. We had a showing of over 7 members getting out and riding the gravel. Spinistry put on the best route and had a huge turnout of people.

Big shout out to Raul, Brad McDaniel, and Brad Wendling. New member, Russell Scott went out to accomplish 50 miles on his MTB. At mile 20, Russell’s derailleur blew up and was found stranded. Teammates, Raul and Brad, stopped and fixed him up as a single speed. Russell pushed on and completed the whole route with the badass support of Brad who reserved his ride to help out a fellow teammate.

Riders, Judge Rucker and Mando Mex, took on the feat with one gear! They took on climbs and distance and battled the grueling temperatures to take 2nd and 3rd place in the category. What a great day for Bearded Women Racing!12509845_10153324198600267_1949530791311619813_n




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