Yavor Gerenski, Racing Member, Geared


Racing Results


Lone Star XC Series @ Sansom 3rd, Sport Men 0-34
 Lone Star XC Series @ Erwin 2nd, Sport Men 0-34
 Lone Star XC Series @ RCP 2nd, Sport Men 0-34
 Lone Star XC Series @ Big Cedar 1st, Sport Men 0-34
 Lone Star XC Series Overall 1st overall for the series
 Smurfboy at River Legacy  8th, 4 hour solo
 Prayer Moutain Pedal  3rd, Men 19-29
 DORBA Fall Series @ RCP  2nd, Men 19-29
 DORBA Fall Series @ JB  3rd, Men 19-29



Birth Date
June 24, 1987
Birth Place
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Home Town
Coppell, TX
List and describe your bicycles Cannondale Flash29-1 2013
Orbea Onix TPX 2013
List past racing accomplishments in any sport you’ve competed in National Track & Field Championships Winner (Bulgaria) as a junior (2006/2007 indoors and outdoors in decathlon)
Lone Star XC MTB Sansom CAT 3 (first race) – 3rd
Lone Star XC MTB Erwin CAT 3 – 2nd
Lone Star XC MTB RCP CAT 3 – 2nd
Lone Star XC MTB Big Ceder CAT 3 – 1st
Lone Star XC Overall CAT 3 – 1st
Smurfboy XC Endurance Race at River Legacy – 8th
Prayer Mountain XC at Big Ceder CAT 3 – 3rd
DORBA XC Fall Series at RCP CAT 2 – 2nd
DORBA XC Fall Series at Johnson Branch CAT 2- 3rd
What is your first memory of riding a bicycle?
Riding around the neighborhood with my BMX bike.
Why do you ride a bicycle?
To stay fit and to satisfy my competitive nature. To me, training is no fun unless there is a specific purpose behind it. Racing gives me that purpose.
…and, of course, because it’s fun to ride with cool people and explore new places.
What does Bearded Women mean to you?
A group of people that share the same interests as me… especially drinking a nice cold beer after a hard ride. 🙂



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