Welcome, Oak Fit Dallas to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

OAKFIT-logo_bwUp next in our new sponsor line up, we’re teaming up with the OakFit Community to teach our members physical fitness techniques to improve their riding and overall racing performance.

Here’s what they’re all about:

COMMUNITY ROOTED. RESULTS DRIVEN. At OakFIT, we deliver fast results with less injuries using periodization and evidence-based principles of strength and conditioning. Our mission is to safely and effectively introduce weightlifting and functional training to all levels of participants.

Ronnie, co-owner of Oak Fit
Ronnie, co-owner of Oak Fit

When you become a Member of OakFIT, you will be guided by coaches every step of the way to help you successfully reach whatever goals you set out for.

We do not offer a quick fix. Our Coaches and Members engage fitness and nutrition from a lifestyle perspective. I challenge you reach out to anyone in the OakFIT Community and ask them about their RESULTS.

Welcome, Oskar Blues Brewery to our 2017 Sponsor Season!

OBLong.BOTHoskar-blues-logoWe’re proud to announce a returning sponsor for 2017, Oskar Blues Brewery. What goes better with bicycles than anything else?  Why yes, beer, of course!

Bearded Women Racing is continuing to partner with Oskar Blues Brewery out of Longmont, Colorado as our Post-Race Hydration Sponsor.

We’ll need to rehydrate our racers, and will certainly have some to share with the racing community.

Look for their beer in stores across the greater DFW area, and throughout Texas!  Dale’s Pale Ale is one of the fastest selling craft beers in the country, along with their full line up of cans, you’re assured to find a tasty hop or two to wet your whistle for the post-ride shenanigans.

oskar-blues canlineup

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